Sunday, September 12, 2010


Of such powerful men and women is the Sikh Sangat composed. At least once in history, it was so. It assembled around the Throne of the Ten Gurus, and there the individual came and merged himself, into the Infinite Individual, the Guru, whose myriad faced, myriad -handed reflection was the Sangat. It was called Sadh-Sangat, the Holy Assembly. To such a unique Assembly of Perfected Individuals, to this galaxy of glowing geniuses of love, the Guru himself paid homage with his divine humility. The Tenth Guru thus sings the praise of his own beloved Khalsa: “They make me what I am, For there are many like me that all forlorn, waste away alone!”

Those whom Guru Gobind Singh praises in such glowing terms and for whom he melts away in supreme emotion on many occasions, they alone can compose the Sikh Sangat, the Khalsa. It is the Assembly of “Guru Gobind Singhs” as all bodies of His Sikhs, the disciples, are only the vehicle of His spirit. The majesty and spiritual splendor of this ideal group of “Guru Gobind Singhs”, which had been the dream of Guru Nanak, and which Guru Gobind Singh named “Khalsa” is but the root of the kingdom of Righteousness planted in the garden of Anandpur. Angels and gods of Heaven walked in His shape in the wild forests of liberty. This was the Khalsa, the chosen, the Glorious, the myriad forms of the one Guru Gobind Singh!