Monday, March 11, 2013

Sikh the Pure..

A wake up call - 
Some friends were going from Delhi to Jaipur in a taxi whose driver was a Sardar (Sikh) .
All the friends were making jokes on Sikhs ,
sharing it with each other and laughed at on the journey .

The Sikh driver dos'nt speak anything during the whole journey .
He just listened to them politely and remained patient .

At the end of the journey , he called one of them & said "I will not stop u on making jokes on Sikh neither i will tell u the stories of their bravery.... .Just take this 1(One) Rupee coin and give it to any
poor SIKH beggar "

6(Six) months have passed that 1 Rupee coin is still with those friends.

U know Why ?

Coz he has'nt find any sikh begging anywhere .
Sikhs never give up. they earn with their hardwork and never beg till their last breath .

Still people dont stop making jokes on Sikhs .
Some has realized, when will others....? 

Coz its easy to laugh on other but difficult to be like a pure SIKH (a true human) ,