Tuesday, November 29, 2011


When Nadir Shah couldn’t gain victory over Sikhs, he became frustrated and asked Subedaar of Lahore, “Tell me, who are these Sikhs ?” 

Subedar answered, “This is a group of hermits who believe in bathing twice in the sacred lake of their Guru and then become invisible. 

Where they disappear, no one can make it out.” Nadir Shah became curious, he asked again, “Where do they live ?” And the answer was, “Their homes are saddles of their horses”. 

This aroused more curiously in Nadir Shah, he asked again, “What do they eat ?” They eat grams as if they are fried almonds.” 

All the answer bewildered Nadir Shah and after contemplating for some time he said, “Beware of these people, they are courageous people and the day is not so far when they will conquer the whole country”

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